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About Me

Since I remember, I always wanted to be an artist…

Drawing, painting and printing have been my passions ever since I remember. My mother likes to say that I was born with pencils on my fingertips. I studied fine arts and fashion design in Prague, Czech Republic. I set up my first studio when I was very young, making hand-painted silk scarves and designed my own and unique tailor-made clothing. Then I relocated to the UK to pursue my art/fashion career. My illustrations can be found on T-shirts for various companies, and I sell my drawings.

Through this process, I discovered a passion for textile design, creating my illustration using all kind of tools – hand painting, hand-printing and now digital print giving me ultimate freedom and control over the whole process. I grew to enjoy the process more and more and would want others to enjoy the beauty of the products I create.


Dita Havlova